Kosmonte Foods Sh.P.K. – Strategic Investor of the Republic of Kosovo, approved by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

Kosmonte Foods Sh.P.K. welcomes the approval of the recommendation of the Inter-ministerial Commission for Strategic Investments for granting the status of Strategic Investor to our company.  

The status of Strategic Investor paves the way for our company to implement two extraordinarily important projects for the economy of our country.

We will invest an estimated 11 million and 143 thousand euros and create 300 new jobs in the frame of two projects which are:

Project 1: Building a factory for procession of fruits and vegetables which includes expanding the capacities to save and produce products on a surface of 16,200 m2

Project 2: A complex as a factory, Perutnina Ptuj, for poultry meat processing on a surface of 12,000 m2

Kosmonte Foods Sh.P.K. will put the utmost of its human and infrastructural capacity to fully implement those projects with which we aim to:

  • Create new jobs for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.
  • Empowering of local farmers – proactive cooperation and strengthening of their role.
  • Production and export of products “Made in Kosova”.

Kosmonte Foods Sh.P.K. is determined to contribute to the economical development of Kosovo and opening of new job positions by creating an environment and circumstances in full accordance with the standards of the European Union.